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In-person training

A roadmap for your fitness.

Personal Training

Remote training isn’t your thing? Become an In-Person Client in Grand Rapids instead!
10 In-Person One-on-One or Micro Group Workout Sessions, and here’s what that includes:
No need to guess at the most efficient way to meet your goals. Let Fit With Eric do all of the work for you!
Having a personalized fitness coach is the best way to make the most of your time in the gym. One-on-one or in a small group setting, Eric will learn your personal goals and start with an assessment in session one. This helps to set the groundwork for an effective system to follow in the rest of our sessions, each lasting 60 minutes or more.
It’s possible to work with me if you’re in the Grand Rapids, MI area. If you live outside of the area and would like to travel, I am willing to work with you as well.
Who should train with Eric?
x People who are willing to work hard for their results.
x People who are coachable and willing to learn a new lifestyle.
x People who can adhere to changing things outside of the gym to ensure results.
If you’re still with me, let’s go!
My training style and systems are simple and effective. I assess your strengths, weaknesses, and exercise technique and then structure your workouts to ensure we are not only meeting but exceeding your goals. My primary focus is to help clients perform better and get stronger. No gimmicks, just hard work and the right focus.

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Eric is the best of the best! His workouts are challenging every time, pushing you to become the best and strongest version of yourself! No two workouts are ever the same either! I highly recommend Fit with Eric!

Katherine Bennett

small group in person workouts grand rapids

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